Goals & Objectives

Operate a State of the Art Business Retention & Expansion Program

  • To act as the leading advocate for business and their sustainability.
  • To be recognized as the premier aftercare organization for business and industry within the region.
  • To expand our business intelligence services that allows us to serve our existing industries in a rapid and precise manner.
  • Staff will use the latest and most innovative software to create and maintain a relevant database on the existing manufacturers in the region.

Full Utilization of Area Aviation & Aerospace Resources

  • To fully and actively leverage an advantage of our proximity to Tinker AFB, the government contractors at that facility and the students exiting the Gordon Cooper Technology Center Aviation programs.
  • To provide a reasonably low cost alternative for aviation suppliers, vendors or contractors to locate and operate.
  • Staff will interact with the aviation partners within the region to enhance our opportunities for aviation attraction and retention.

Execute a Retail Attraction Program with a Local & Regional Approach

  • To increase the sales tax base and receipts for Shawnee and Pottawatomie County.
  • To provide additional retail shopping opportunities for the local residents, those passing through or those who consider Shawnee their regional shopping destination.

Targeted Industry Attraction Programs through Gap Analysis

  • Through interaction and analysis of the challenges and barriers our existing Industries face, we will attract business and industry, which is complimentary and supportive of those within in our region.
  • To gain additional employment opportunities, attract capital investment, create wealth and diversify the manufacturing base.