About SEDF

Shawnee Economic Development Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to broadening the horizons of existing businesses while educating prospective entrepreneurs about all that Shawnee, Oklahoma has to offer.

We are an information hub. We don’t file information; we broadcast it so you can leverage all the tools available for your continued success. We are here to keep you informed about state incentives, tax credits, foreign trade zones, and the newest programs available to new and established businesses. If we don’t have the answer, we know someone who does.

We are a catalyst for growth, working in all sectors of the community with both corporations and small businesses to increase the per capita income of every household in Shawnee. We are harnessing the power of our regional resources through partnerships in the community and surrounding areas.

We are here for you. We know that eighty percent of all job growth comes from existing business so we’re dedicated to making sure you receive the care you deserve before and after you arrive. Our goal is to build relationships that create trust and partnerships that create success for you and the community we serve.

Mission Statement

“To serve as the business community’s catalyst for leading the Shawnee area into a growing, diversified, and prosperous future.”

Vision Statement

The Shawnee Economic Development Foundation exists to promote business development that will create sustainable wage jobs, expand the tax base and provide additional services, wealth and opportunities for the people of Shawnee, and the surrounding region.

The City of Shawnee, private individuals and businesses fund the organization. The foundation is managed and operated by two professional staff members.

Files You Can Download

Most files are PDF format, and require the free Adobe Reader.