05-15-2017 Monday Memo

Tear them down…
Our community was once described by a local politician as a forty-acre farm, with 120 silos, each of them holding a quarter inch of grain in them.  That was certainly a harsh description of this place many of us call home, but there is also a certain amount of truth in that statement, as there can be about any place.
We can respond to the portrayal of our community in that light in several different ways. We can ignore it, or bow up and be mad about someone making such an outlandish comment about our fair city, or we can step back a minute and let that thought sink in a bit. Another response is to honestly ask ourselves what we can do to reduce the silos or even the perception of those invisible lines of separation.
Humor us for just a short while and allow us to provide you with a different perspective that might help create a bit of a paradigm shift to what others have offered as their not so positive view of our world.
What if we ignored the self-imposed boundaries and decided that it was more important to work together to better the community we live in than maintain our own status quo?
What if we eliminated the separation and focus less on those who aren’t from here, those who only commute here, those who have moved here and concentrate on how all of those groups, each in its own way, makes up the smorgasbord of our economy, which is better off because of all of the diversity those groups provide?  
What could we accomplish together if we celebrated the blue-collar workers equally with the white collar ones or the gold collar workers, those who wear a uniform, those who wait on us at our favorite restaurant or those who have a different ethnic heritage, or those of every occupation, race, creed and color?  Aren’t all of those people important?
What if we valued the manufacturing jobs at the same level as those jobs that require a degree and even those that simply require someone to do a service or task that just requires hard work?  For us, all of those types of individuals are needed in a place that truly wants to prosper.
From our highly biased perspective, we think it’s important to spend more time focused on what makes us better and less on what makes us angry, agitated, divided or makes us feel contempt for others. 
Dwelling on the negative never helps us accentuate the positive, however, the reverse occurs and allows us to thrive when the positive aspects we are blessed to enjoy here helps us work on those areas that are unpleasant or in need of further resolution. 
When we step back and look at what really makes up our strengths, we see that the kaleidoscope associated with manufacturing, retail, education, entertainment, healthcare, tourism, agriculture, and our proximity to the larger metro areas, also brings us a diversity that is beneficial to not only our own individual growth and sustainability, but for the greater good of many who live in this area.
Maybe if we all worked together at dispelling the thought we are a divided society, then possibly we can see that there really aren’t as many silos as one would imagine.  Successful people build each other up, they motivate, inspire and push each other to do more, whereas unsuccessful people just hate, blame and complain.
There will always be invisible boundaries that can hinder the growth of an area, but with a resolute determination, those limitations can be reduced or even eliminated, if as a collective group we choose to do so. 
Maybe now is the time to do just that…
“Educators Notes”
Oklahoma FFA fights hunger
Oklahoma FFA members set several records in this year’s FFA Hunger Challenge, which helps the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma feed hungry children.
A total of 226 FFA chapters participated in the Hunger Challenge — 25 more chapters than last year. They donated 540 animals, 29 more than last year. Through the Cents Makes Sense program, they gave $7,341 in cash, $2,472 more than last year. Their donations produced 953,526 protein sticks — 188,824 more than last year.   A contribution from the Oklahoma Beef Council brought the number of beef and pork protein sticks to 1,015,764.
Oklahoma FFA partners in the effort were Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation, Oklahoma Beef Council, Tulsa State Fair, Oklahoma Youth Expo, Wes and Lou Watkins, Ag Youth Magazine, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.
Isn’t it great what the FFA youth of Oklahoma are showing us what can be accomplished by working together?   It’s just another example of how the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education and the High Schools located all over this state are collaborating in their efforts to improve the live of others.
“We Like ‘Em A Lot”
Most of the time it’s fairly quiet in our part of Downtown Shawnee, although with the completion of the new Streetscape project we know there is a lot more traffic in the area, and it seems to be a bit harder to find a parking place these days.  Those are all good problems to have.
Last week as we were deep in thought and trying to focus on the tasks at hand, we heard a new noise coming from the street that was different than anything we had heard before.  Most often a new noise that emulates from the street doesn’t last long and as the sound fades away, so does our awareness of the distraction.
But last week it was different, as the noise didn’t go away, but continued on and on, which required us to look out the window to determine if we could find the source of the offensive sound.
Much to our surprise we witnessed a man operating a large vacuum system on wheels, as he went from area to area at the corner of Bell and 9th Street.  Obviously this was the type of a distraction that we wholeheartedly welcomed.
Since we know that the City leaders oftentimes only hear from those who are disgruntled, we took it upon ourselves to fire off a email to the City Manager thanking him for investing in the kind of equipment that helps make our downtown area cleaner.   What he sent back was a surprise as well.
It seems that the individual who was doing the downtown clean up work is the City’s new and part-time beautification manager. While that might not seem like a person who fits our typical weekly profile of someone we like, what we learned next certainly shed a new light on why we are mentioning that individual here.
If seems that our new, part-time beautification manager cares about our community and how it looks so much that after 25 years with the Shawnee Fire Department he retired and then applied for the beautification manager position.
When we dug a bit deeper into the character of this individual we learned that he spent 20 years as a supervisor with the Shawnee Fire Department, was someone who is extremely dedicated to the City of Shawnee, and is always doing his best to make sure whatever he does is done correctly.  His peers in the Fire Department said he is going to be hard to replace and that the positive impact he had on the department will be hard to replace. 
While some might think that retiring from the Fire Department and taking a role in cleaning up the community might seem like a bit of a downgrade, to this individual, it is obviously a calling and something he can do to give back to his community even more, which benefits us all.
The person we wish to recognize this week is Jim VanAntwerp.  If you know Jim, give him a call, send him a note or an email, and tell him how much you appreciate all he does for Shawnee. And if you don’t know him, make yourself a note as someone you have to meet.  Your life will be better for knowing him.
A-1 Staffing & Recruiting Agency:  Visit http://www.a1staffingok.com/apply-now.php or contact Brandy Helm at brandy@a1staffingok.com or 405-788-0001
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Black Hawk Casino:  Contact Shirley McCormick at shirley.mccormick@blackhawkcasino.org
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Chick Fil A in Shawnee: Apply online only at http://www.work4cfashawnee.com/
City National Bank:  Visit https://www.cnb1901.com/ or contact 866-385-3444
City of Shawnee:  Visit http://www.shawneeok.org/jobs
Citizen Potawatomi Nation:  Visit http://www.firelakejobs.com/
Daliyah Greek House:  Contact Mazin at 580-235-8999 to set up an appointment and interview.  Restaurant located at 2033 N. Harrison, Shawnee OK.
Dickson Industries:  Visithttp://www.roadproonline.com
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St. Gregory’s University:  Visit http://www.stgregorys.edu/about-us/employment Development Director and Systems Analyst – All interested candidates should submit their cover letter, resume and references to hr@stgregorys.edu.
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HOW TO APPLY FOR FEDERAL JOBS:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY5Z_pfFUK4
OBU –     Contact Oklahoma Baptist University and send them your job postings.  They can screen them and will be happy to
                  share them on their website.  – Visit their job board at https://okbu-csm.symplicity.com/
OSU –      Contact the Shawnee area Employer Development Coordinator Alicia Jackson (alicia.jackson@okstate.edu, 405-945-
8617) today to develop your personalized recruiting plan to Hire OSU Grads!
Shell Building Information:  http://sedf.biz/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/Shell-Building-Flyer1.pdf
Fire Relief Fund sponsored by Indaco Metals
All monetary donations will go to the farmers and ranchers in need in Harper and Woodward County.  Round hay bales can be purchased for $20.  Indaco Metals will provide trucks for delivering hay bales and administration free of charge.  Your monetary donations can be sent to:  Indaco Metals, 3 American Way, Shawnee OK 74804
Downtown Façade Grant Program – The Historic Shawnee Alliance Is Now Accepting Applications
For a complete list of guidelines and the application, visit the HSA’s web site at: www.historic- shawnee.com or contact HSA member and city planning director, Justin DeBruin, at 878-1616.
May 18:  Blue Zones Built Environment Workshop
8am at Blue Zones, 420 E. Main, Shawnee OK
For more information, call 405-765-8071, or visit www.bluezonesproject.com
May 19:  City of Shawnee Strategic Planning Session
2:00p at First National Bank Community Room, 130 E. Macarthur, Shawnee OK 74801
May 19:  OBU & Avedis Foundation First Nail Ceremony
8am at Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic, 2206 N. Kickapoo, Shawnee OK
May 23:  City of Shawnee Strategic Planning Session
6:30p at Shawnee Community Center, 804 S. Park St., Shawnee OK 74801
May 29:  SEDF Office Closed for Memorial Day
Additional Dates: 07/04/17 Independence Day; 09/04/17 Labor Day; 11/10/17 Veteran’s Day; 11/23-24/17 Thanksgiving; 12/25-26/17 Christmas
June 8:  Oklahoma Historical Society Banquet – Citation of Merit for Historic Shawnee Alliance
6:15p at Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, OKC OK
Register and purchase tickets at http://www.preservationok.org/2017-preservation-conference.html
June 10:  52nd Faith 7 Bowl – All Star High School Basketball Games
1:30p at Noble Complex on OBU Campus
For advanced ticket information contact faith7bowl@gmail.com
June 14:  SEDF Board Meeting
9am at SEDF Conference Room, 131 N. Bell, Suite 208, Shawnee OK 74801
Additional Dates:  7/12/17; 8/9/17; 9/13/17; 10/11/17; 11/8/17; 12/13/17
August 17:  Job Fair
9a-1p at Galilee Baptist Church, 1025 E. 9th St., Shawnee OK 74801
Third Friday Each Month:  Downtown Block Party, presented by the Shawnee Art Guild
5-8pm in historic downtown Shawnee.  For more information, call 405-432-4131
Shawnee Senior Center Events:
Savvy Seniors: http://savvysenior.org/seniorresources.htm
English as a Second Language Class
6-8pm every Tuesday and Thursday, Pioneer Library, 101 N. Philadelphia, Shawnee OK 74801.  Call Janie Davis at 405-273-3334 to register.
Yoga In The Park
6:30pm Every Tuesday at Sister City Park located at the intersection of Legacy and Airport Drive, Shawnee OK
Shawnee Little Theatre:
For show listings and more information, visit http://www.shawneelittletheatre.com or call 405-275-2805
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