05-01-2017 Monday Memo

Regional strength = Bigger Picture…
In case you weren’t aware of it, the Shawnee Economic Development Foundation has been a member of the Oklahoma City Regional Partnership, (OKCRP) for the past eight plus years, and there are a lot of positive attributes about being part of that relationship that we hope to share with you today.
The OKCRP is comprised of ten counties that make up the area of Oklahoma City and the surrounding area, plus there are other associates in other counties that border the base ten that are associates to the partnership as well. 
Lest you think this is all about the larger community, you would be way off base, as it reflects the strengths in numbers a REGION allows us to have, and not one city over another.  Our community has the ability to be noticed on a larger stage by merely being associated with this ten county group of economic development professionals.
In a global economy and a national search, when a site selector or company looks at a new place to do business, they look at the region first, and then narrow down their search to specific sites. 
Being part of a stronger and prominent region, allows us to piggyback along with that region in ways you can never imagine, but rest assured, if you finish this Monday Memo, you might just learn more about those tag along merits than you ever imagined.
You might be thinking, big deal and that would be an appropriate term as the economic impact of this ten county area and its associates really is significant in terms of the number of individuals employed. 
Of the seventy-seven counties that make up our great state, five of the top ten who provide the largest number of individuals employed are located in this regional partnership.   The latest OK Department of labor statistics that we reviewed showed that over 620,000 individuals were employed in those five counties and the other five counties in the partnership provided another 87,000 to the workplace. 
Based upon the total number of individuals who are employed in non-farming activities, 43% of the total number of individuals who are working in the state of Oklahoma come from the ten counties that make up the regional partnership.  We think that is significant not only for our region, but for the rest of the state as well.
But there is more benefit to being a member of the OKCRP than just being counted as part of a larger workforce.  Over the past eight years we have benefitted local businesses by introducing them to contacts at Tinker, which allows them to be able to provide business services to those defenders of freedom.
At the same time, our organization has benefitted from the wisdom and expertise that the comes from our peers in this association in areas such as marketing, world class research assistance, property development and national exposure to those who are in the forefront of making decisions on where a business might locate.
The benefit we receive from our peers in all of those areas, along with being a part of the partnership, is more than we could ever develop or provide on a stand-alone basis. 
And the bottom line is, there is strength in numbers if you’re willing to recognize the greater good in being a partner.
Educator’s Notes:
Now what? 
Yes, that is a question that we hope a lot of you are asking those high school or college graduates who are currently in your classrooms.  Now that they have finished this portion of their educational process, what are they going to do with their lives?  
While sleeping late might seem like a fairly typical response, we would like them to be more cerebral than that and give some serious thought to the choices and opportunities before them.
For those who are graduating from college, obviously there are a few more options to consider, as their specific field of studies by now should help them narrow down their individual paths forward. 
No doubt some of those graduates will continue their education to achieve a higher educational level, but for those who don’t, the working world awaits them and they should know that there are those who are eager to help them find wonderful employment opportunities right here in the center of quite a lot…   We would be happy to share what we know about those prospects.
For those who are graduating from High School, there are a lot of options and we would happy to share what we know about that area as well.  The first thing we would suggest is that if they don’t have a definable skill that they consider continuing their education at Gordon Cooper Technology, which will help them immeasurably in their search for a great life.
If they want to dive right into the world of work, we can also suggest to them a lot of different methods to consider, as there are employers seeking to hire fresh young talent all over this area.  The key to finding those employment options are knowing where to look and we would be delighted to share what we know about those openings.
We know the real answer to NOW WHAT? starts with what a student wants to do, and you can help them by letting them know there are a lot of choices right now and right here…
“We Like ‘Em A Lot”
There are those who live among us that quietly go about their work with an eye on the MUCH bigger picture, and who if truth were known, have a much larger vision and comprehension of what drives the local, state, national and global economy than many of us mere mortals realize.
Some of these individuals are constantly engaged on a global business level, as they help buy commodities, sell the goods that are made here and consistently develop strategies that not only allow the business they operate to continue to be successful, but to also employ a great number of people who live in our region.
Not only do these business leaders deal with the ongoing business rules and regulations in our nation and state, they also have to be savvy enough to understand how the global economy affects a business in Shawnee Oklahoma, and how they can keep their business competitive and prosperous at the same time.  That’s a juggling act many of us are prepared for.
The person we are recognizing today is one of those people who get’s up every day to face a world that few of us know much about.  To this person’s credit he has assembled and surrounded himself with a team of capable professionals who are laser focused on working with him to improve the strength and stability of their local Shawnee manufacturing facility.   This team, HIS team is going to launch their business to a whole new level of success and this community will benefit from their actions.
Due to all of the personal skills, traits and efforts that this leader has helped to direct at his local operation, we will see a ripple down effect to not only the person working on the plant floor, but even to the person who delivers the copy paper and food for the vending machines in the facility cafeteria.  The multiplier effect caused by these efforts will be dramatic and beneficial to a large number of people, all over the region.
We get to meet a lot of these types of people in this profession and we are always thankful that we get to learn more about what makes them tick and feel fortunate that our community has these kinds of people who are invested in our economy and in our lives.
Like many of us, our recipient today isn’t from around here, but he is someone who has planted roots in our community and is destined to accomplish a lot during his stay with us. To be honest we hope he never elects to move away, as he is changing the way a large business operates, which will have far reaching benefits to our region.
He doesn’t have a lot of extra time to join in with the typical civic clubs or events in the community, but we do see him at those things that speak to where his heart is, and that is where we can find his wife and his children.  Underneath his big city bravado is a guy who is focused on his family first, all the while being driven to succeed and savvy enough to develop a great team to help him do that.
The person we wish to recognize this week is Greg Gallman.  If you know Greg, give him a call, send him a note or an email, and tell him how much you appreciate all he does for Shawnee. And if you don’t know him, make yourself a note as someone you have to meet.  Your life will be better for knowing him.
A-1 Staffing & Recruiting Agency:  Visit http://www.a1staffingok.com/apply-now.php or contact Brandy Helm at brandy@a1staffingok.com or 405-788-0001
Absentee Shawnee Tribe:  http://www.astribe.com/astribe/?reload
BancFirst-Shawnee:  Contact Deloris Page at dpage@bancfirst.com
Black Hawk Casino:  Contact Shirley McCormick at shirley.mccormick@blackhawkcasino.org
Blue Zones:  Send resumes to jon.werger@healthways.com or visit https://workforcenow.adp.com/jobs/apply/posting.html?client=sharecare&ccId=19000101_000001&type=MP&lang=en_US#
Buckle:  Apply online at http://corporate.buckle.com/careers following application contact the store to schedule interview at 405-878-0920 
Chick Fil A in Shawnee: Apply online only at http://www.work4cfashawnee.com/
City National Bank:  Visit https://www.cnb1901.com/ or contact 866-385-3444
City of Shawnee:  Visit http://www.shawneeok.org/jobs
Citizen Potawatomi Nation:  Visit http://www.firelakejobs.com/
Daliyah Greek House:  Contact Mazin at 580-235-8999 to set up an appointment and interview.  Restaurant located at 2033 N. Harrison, Shawnee OK.
Dickson Industries:  Visithttp://www.roadproonline.com
Eaton Corporation:  Apply online at www.eaton.com/careers, keyword Assembly
Enviro Systems:  Visit http://www.enviro-ok.com/careers/job-opportunities/ or email Personnel@enviro-ok.com
Express Employment Professionals:  Visit http://www.expresspros.com/ or contact David Kitts at 405-275-7575
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Global Production Solutions:  Visit http://www.globalproductionsolutions.com and contact Kristin Vinson at kvinson@gps-us.co
Indaco Metals:  Visit http://www.indacometals.com/ or contact Jordan McLaughlin at 405-273-9200
Jindal Films: Apply online at http://www.indeed.com/q-Jindal-Films-l-Shawnee,-OK-jobs.html or send resumes to careers@jindalfilms.com
Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma:  Visit http://kickapootribeofoklahoma.com/ and contact Vasant Hanratagorn at 405-964-2075 ext. 107, 405-605-9390 or itoffice@kickapootribeofoklahoma.com
Mills Machine Company:  Send resume to Mills Machine Company at 201 N. Oklahoma Ave., Shawnee OK 74801 or email it to chuck@millsmachine.com
Norwesco:  Email Coy Carpenter at coy.carpenter@norwesco.com
Oklahoma Baptist University:  Visit http://www.okbu.edu/businessaffairs/hr/jobs.html
Primrose Retirement Community:  Visit www.primrose-careers.com
Red Lobster:  Apply online at https://www.redlobster.com/employment/
Shawnee Milling Company:  Visithttp://www.shawneemilling.comand call Jane Lewis at 405-273-7003 ext. 314      
Shawnee News-Star:  Mail resume to Shawnee News-Star, PO Box 1688, Dept. 359, Shawnee OK 74802 or email to jalewis704@gmail.com
St. Gregory’s University:  Visit http://www.stgregorys.edu/about-us/employment Development Director and Systems Analyst – All interested candidates should submit their cover letter, resume and references to hr@stgregorys.edu.
TDK Ferrites:  (Workforce Oklahoma representing TDK) Contact Malisa Daniel at 405-275-2100 ext. 397 or by email at malisa.daniel@us.tdk.com
United Dynamics, Inc.:  Visit http://united-dynamics.com/ and contact Michelle Needham at 405-275-8041 ext. 280
Vyve Broadband:  Visit http://www.vyvebroadband.com/careers.html, call Angela at 914-234-8325, email employment@vyvebb.com and send resumes to career@vyvebb.com
Wolverine Tube:  Visit http://www.wlv.com/ and contact Express Employment Professionals  at 405-275-7575
HOW TO APPLY FOR FEDERAL JOBS:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY5Z_pfFUK4
OBU –     Contact Oklahoma Baptist University and send them your job postings.  They can screen them and will be happy to
                  share them on their website.  – Visit their job board at https://okbu-csm.symplicity.com/
OSU –      Contact the Shawnee area Employer Development Coordinator Alicia Jackson (alicia.jackson@okstate.edu, 405-945-
8617) today to develop your personalized recruiting plan to Hire OSU Grads!
Shell Building Information:  http://sedf.biz/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/Shell-Building-Flyer1.pdf
Fire Relief Fund sponsored by Indaco Metals
All monetary donations will go to the farmers and ranchers in need in Harper and Woodward County.  Round hay bales can be purchased for $20.  Indaco Metals will provide trucks for delivering hay bales and administration free of charge.  Your monetary donations can be sent to:  Indaco Metals, 3 American Way, Shawnee OK 74804
Downtown Façade Grant Program – The Historic Shawnee Alliance Is Now Accepting Applications
For a complete list of guidelines and the application, visit the HSA’s web site at: www.historic- shawnee.com or contact HSA member and city planning director, Justin DeBruin, at 878-1616.
April 1-May 13:  OBU to host 8 Senior Art Shows
For details, visit https://www.okbu.edu/news/2017/03/university-to-host-eight-senior-arts-shows-april-1-may-13.html
May 2:  City of Shawnee Strategic Planning Session
12p at City Hall, Commission Chambers, 16 W. 9th St., Shawnee OK 74801
May 9:  City of Shawnee Strategic Planning Session
6:30p at Vision Bank Community Room, 4301 N. Harrison, Shawnee OK 74801
May 10:  SEDF Board Meeting
9am at SEDF Conference Room, 131 N. Bell, Suite 208, Shawnee OK 74801
Additional Dates:  6/14/17; 7/12/17; 8/9/17; 9/13/17; 10/11/17; 11/8/17; 12/13/17
May 19:  City of Shawnee Strategic Planning Session
2:00p at First National Bank Community Room, 130 E. Macarthur, Shawnee OK 74801
May 23:  City of Shawnee Strategic Planning Session
6:30p at Shawnee Community Center, 804 S. Park St., Shawnee OK 74801
May 29:  SEDF Office Closed for Memorial Day
Additional Dates: 07/04/17 Independence Day; 09/04/17 Labor Day; 11/10/17 Veteran’s Day; 11/23-24/17 Thanksgiving; 12/25-26/17 Christmas
August 17:  Job Fair
9a-1p at Galilee Baptist Church, 1025 E. 9th St., Shawnee OK 74801
Third Friday Each Month:  Downtown Block Party, presented by the Shawnee Art Guild
5-8pm in historic downtown Shawnee.  For more information, call 405-432-4131
Shawnee Senior Center Events:
Savvy Seniors: http://savvysenior.org/seniorresources.htm
English as a Second Language Class
6-8pm every Tuesday and Thursday, Pioneer Library, 101 N. Philadelphia, Shawnee OK 74801.  Call Janie Davis at 405-273-3334 to register.
Yoga In The Park
6:30pm Every Tuesday at Sister City Park located at the intersection of Legacy and Airport Drive, Shawnee OK
Shawnee Little Theatre:
For show listings and more information, visit http://www.shawneelittletheatre.com or call 405-275-2805
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