03-07-2016 Monday Memo

How would you sell us?
One of the many hats we wear at your economic development organization is to market and advertise our community, along with the region.   We could spend a lot of time explaining all the reasons why we do so, but the short answer is, “If we don’t tell others about what goes on here, who will?”
As we undertake those various tasks, we have to develop a wide range of messages, which are targeted to the specific business entities we hope to reach.  That means one message doesn’t fit all, which requires a bit of creativity on our part to make sure we customize the message to fit the prospect. 
Selling our variety of retail choices to a manufacturer seeking a new industrial location is not always a wise idea, when they really want to know about the infrastructure, workforce, supply chain and industrial property in the area.  While some of the data we gather has multiple purposes, more often than not, every prospect wants or needs customized information that they can’t get elsewhere.
Enough about what we work on, our message today is to ask you how YOU would sell our community.  Would you spend the few precious minutes you get with a prospect sharing the great progress this community has seen, along with the opportunities for even more growth in the near future?
Or would you use that time to share your perspective about the things that aren’t so great, which of course we all know every community in the world has to deal with.  Essentially, would you say things like, “This is a great place to be!” or would your message be “Why would you want to be here?”
There is a growing trend in the US to focus on the negative things in our lives and beat those to death in and on every form of media we can imagine.  Frankly, we are very weary of that strategy and of those who wish to live in the negative world of skepticism, apathy and bitterness.
What if we chose to buck the trends of negativism in this Nation or in this community and instead of telling one person we are happy about something, we told fifty?  What if we decided to look at the brighter side of things in our region and make a concerted effort to share those aspects, rather than be mired in the doom and gloom of what always seems to make the headlines?
Obviously we can’t ignore that we have problems and challenges in our respective communities that need to be addressed.  Certainly hiding our heads in the sand won’t fix what ails us.   But neither will a lack of determination to highlight all of the good that is around us.
Maybe today’s Monday Memo was about planting a seed pertaining to your own personal perspective.  Which leads to the same question, “How would you sell us?”
Educators Notes:
Have you ever been at an event where you wished you could capture the message and share it with everyone?  Or filmed the whole thing and let others view what you had witnessed?   This past week we were able to attend such an event sponsored by OBU where Lou Holtz, the famous football coach, was speaking and we wished we could captured everything he shared with the audience.
Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything that someone like Mr. Holtz says, as his homespun message is full on one-liners that keep you laughing. But intertwined with his humor were some perspectives that we felt fit what our area’s educators try to accomplish every day.
Mr. Holtz shared that you only had to do three things in life to truly be successful and those items were:
Do what is right:  Simply do the right thing. Make the choices in life that provide you with a positive outcome and not a choice that leads to regret.  We all know that our society is less and less tolerant, and we oftentimes don’t get a do over from the choices we make.
Do your best:  Not everyone will be the winner of the Heisman award, but everyone can give their best efforts to succeed.  The success is oftentimes in the effort, not just the outcome and when you consistently give your best, it creates a pattern that will help and guide you your entire life.
Care for others:  Caring for others is not just saying that you do, but it is a desire to show them you care.  Caring about those around you takes a conscientious effort on an individual’s part and it will be what can help define our individual character.
We are certain that our paraphrased version of what Mr. Holtz had to say this past week isn’t anything new to those who live by similar ideals everyday.  As we sat in the audience reflecting on what he was sharing, we couldn’t help but nod our head in agreement and feel fortunate that we had a host of educators all across our area that deliver that same message to their students on a daily basis.
Thank you all for what you do to help build a stronger and better community.
“We Like Em A Lot”
The person we would like to highlight today has been a prominent fixture around Shawnee and Pottawatomie County for a long, LONG time.  Without question he has touched the lives of so many people that it might be hard to actually put a count on the number of lives he has impacted in this community.
In the early days of my coming to this community, he was one of the first individual’s who made the long climb to our second floor offices in Downtown Shawnee, where he imparted his own brand of unique wisdom upon us and also provided us with some keen insight into our area’s rich history and of course his own perspective on how we can be a better place. 
He never stayed long on those visits and he always left us with the opportunity to contemplate what he was sharing with us, as we knew there would be more to come on the subjects that he felt were important.  In all honesty, his views were often much broader in scope than what we had been focusing on.
Over the past years we have continued to see him share his love for the community and its history with anyone who would care to listen.  From our perspective, his shared views weren’t to influence or control anyone’s point of view, but more so to let us each decide if the things that once were prominent in the economic viability of this region are still possible today.  His recollection of the past might just contain some wisdom on what we could be doing today. He is a man of many names including the Pharaoh, Dr. Bob and of course R.J. Barnard. 
The person we wish to recognize this week is Bob Barnard.  If you know Bob, give him a call, send him a note or an email, and tell him how much you appreciate all he does for Shawnee. And if you don’t know him, make yourself a note as someone you have to meet.  Your life will be better for knowing him.
And who knows, he might even bring you an Oreo cookie…
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